Graphic Designer

Genius IQ/BBQ


Celebrating hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, Genius put together an end-of-summer party that featured live performances, a “rap cafeteria”, trivia, and engaging brand activations.  

Genius created a cohesive brand guide to be used across the site’s year-long celebration of “The 50th”. We found inspiration in hip-hop ephemera, rooting us in the exploration of knowledge around the genre's evolution and history. Subtle allusions to misprints and drafts show how even things that scale to the masses feel personal and tactile.

For IQ/BBQ, the space was adorned with iconic lyrics from the last five decades. Scaling this design system to this event, the light filled space was reimagined with colors to reflect the diversity of the bars selected.

Production Agency: Superfly
Creative Director: Emily Taylor
Production Agency: Superfly
Photo Credits: Kia Steiger-Dahl, Anna Dave